Monday, November 28, 2016

How To Pick A good Bad Ass Niche Simply From Amazon

Hello guys its me shade for a new topic today the topic of the day is how you can pick a niche simply from amazon website lets see that believe me its work. 

 Everybody love video games in this page everyting is niche with rating im going to choose a niche with 5 stars of course,you can build a website about gaming or you can show your skils of gaming what ever and same time promote your product easy thats it. Most people are satisfied of playstation camera so it gonna be my niche why not you can also look for other stuff related to playstation good luck everyone peace.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Useful Tips To Find a Free Responsive Template for your Blog

Hello guys its me shade so today im going to show you some useful tips to find a free responsive template for your blog or a website .

Responsive its mean that your template can display on desktop and also mobile device  ,there s also some website that you can buy a template by your choice i will link some website for you guys

Sunday, November 20, 2016

How to Build a backlink and Rank your Website on Google With this Method

What's up guys it's me shade today, i'm going to show you a simple way to build a powerful backlinks  that getting the site to the top of Google .

now what I'm about to explain to you is a really simple concept but once you want to understand it you'll be creating much more powerful backlinks that achieved much better results so here is how most people are building their balance they just find a random site forum who talk about your niche and create an account and post the backlink somewhere and then they move on to the next site and do the same ,for example on facebook we can just like other people's posts and then we  got a link back to our profile or on pinterest you could just follow someone and you get added to the followers tab on their profile ,but today im going to show you how to rank your website on google quick as hell we gonna create a Wikipedia backlink.

 in the other way search for questions you can use google alert he gonna do that for you find the answers and post your link easy thats it

peace yeah.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Google Trends Great Marketing Rechearch Tool For you and your Business

Hi everybody i want to talk to you today about google trends  great marketing rechearch tool for you and your business.

Why you want to use google trends ?
Google trends help you to see what people search in internet all the time it also help you organizing your blog calendar or topics that you would like talk about ,its also a great way to see what interest of people that searching for in internet.
if you're trying to think of a new niche or service you can learn how dominant a topic or a query is and get an indication of what consumers want or need and what they're searching for if you're planning a social media calendar this is also great because you can look at how a topic has changed over time and get some insights that would inform you as you organize your marketing either through social media or through traditional media so using google trends gives you a deep way to drill down into topics that consumers are searching for to understand variations on those topics and then gives you graphic information to help you plan out a blog or advertising campaign or social media or marketing Good luck to everyone peace yeah.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

How To Use Google Alerts For Driving Traffic and For Social Media Marketing

Google Alerts is a content change detection and notification service offered by search engine.

The tool or the service send emails to the users  when he find new results  and informations
Such as youtube videos,blogs,news paper,forums.

From where we gonna  start ?
how we gonna use it for marketing ?
How we can have more traffic with that tool ?

If you want to use google alerts tool or any google services you need a gmail account
We gonna go to this adress
You can make your first alert  in the website search engine add your keyword
What kind of informations do you want to recive from google alert
« how to get a free traffic to your blog » its just example  and than you can set a time
What time you want to recive your notifications that match to your keyword.

For affiliate marketing if you have a E-book that you want to sell just type your niche
Whats your book talking about and google alert gonna search for you and send you everything related to that niche.

If you have a website or a blog you can just type your killer niche on the google alert search engine set a time and save the settings and wait for email you gonna recive some important information kind like a forum disccusion about your website or your blog just think out of the box what you can do with that powerfull google tool good luck peace yeah .

Why No One Talk About Skype And His Traffic ?

Traffic + Conversion = Revenu

Skype is an application that provides video chat and voice users ,is also availabe on many platforms android,linux ,microsoft ,ios ect … just imagine how you can have your own traffic ?
And how can you drive them directly to your website ?

This is my own method you can think out of the box and do something special

Lets start its very simple make a skype account and its better to choose a nickname of femal gender kind like or you can choose a nickname concerns of what kind of services you provide like (dont copy me just think out side of the box) after you finish your registration account go this website www.addmecontacts.comThe only thing you have to do is open your skype application on your desktop make some good attractive profil and fil your information and your link website or blogger.

After few minute  people gonna start to add you on skype and calling you, you gonna see that by your self its shit load of massive active users good luck peace yeah

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

How To Find Niche using AdWords tool

How To Find Niche using  AdWords tool

Hi this is Shade ,and now I've been building simple but ridiculously profitable affiliate websites that might be tons of money and one of the questions that I constantly get from  newbie and more experienced affiliate marketers, is what's the best way to find a killer niche and a  lot of competition  extremely profitable ?

What we want to do is find a niche that matches ,the important thing is that you want your niche  to actually be getting search for in the search engines because if nobody is actually typing your niche into google then no matter how good you are at getting decide to runyou still want to get any traffic because nobody's even looking for your niche so to make sure that people are in fact searching for your niche in the search engines you want to use what is called a the google keyword planner and it's completely free to use  to access the tool first just had our that to / AdWords then create a free account if you haven't already got one
and then click on the keyword planner link then once you're in the keyword planet you can just type in whatever you need to idea is and hit the get ideas button and it will roughly how many ,times that word or phrase get searched for in Google h month plus it will also show you a bunch of other related terms as well as how many times they get searched - so he is one of my sites that i set up the targets, the keyword camping, currently ranks in the top spots of google far whole bunch of camping, related keywords including camping tricks learn how to camp, books ,and more and all of these rankings result in thousands of visitors every day to the site which, means that x of people click on my affiliate links which makes and I'm making tons of commissions around the clock from this simple site but before I set up that site  i google, camping in the google keyword planner tools to make sure that it was in fact getting searches so I just talked to camping into the keyword tool I he get ideas and then I saw that about eight thousand one hundred people each month search for camping in Google.

I also look at the related keywords to say what other camping related keywords people was searching for and it's no coincidence that i have a page about each of these keywords on my side so exactly how many searches do you want your niche to get h months well there's really no exact number to go for but I know people love exact numbers so that they can follow this stuff to the day and I get it so what else I is look for a nitch that has no less than one thousand searches a month and no more than fifty thousand searches a month and if this is your first side then i recommend trying to stick the life fifteen thousand searches a month , because generally the less searches and each get the less competition they'll be in google and the easier it will be to rank for that term which brings me to the second criteria that you should be looking for in your niche and that is an itch that doesn't have a lot of competition in the search engines so one of the things that I say I lot of newbies making he's picking ridiculously competitive niches and he'll I even make this mistake when i first started out to and trust me, I know to do you see all of these ads all over the web for polka and 4x and white loss and you think well shit that must be where the money's at but trust me it is why why why easier to pick low competition niches and make money from the low-hanging fruit and by this i may choosing random and obscure niches that most people would never think of and they had hardly any competition in the search engines so that you have a really easy time ranking for those niches so basically you want to think really use your brain , i will make my youtube channel and i will explain everything ,peace yeah.

How To Drive Traffic With Reddit!

How To Drive Traffic With Reddit!

Hey guys what's up I did a blog post about how damn easy it is to get traffic with reddit it well today I want to take that one step further and show you a real example of exactly how you can use ready to get traffic and i promise you're not, gonna wanna miss this .

Now before I get started let me quickly just explain a little bit about what reddit is and how reddit works for those that aren't as familiar basically is a site where people sign up and submit links to all different kinds of stuff it could be a link to a picture of a cute cat which will find a lot of them are it could be a link to an awesome cover song on youtube or it could be a link to one of the pages ,on one of your sites basically you can submit links to just about anything then what happens is once somebody submits a link to something the other users can then see that link and then voted up if they like it or vote it down if they don't then the links that get voted up the most times get put on the front page of Reddit and these links gets in a staggering amount of visitors and I'm talking so much traffic that often the sites that get to the front page of reddit will actually go offline, because the server can't handle that amount of traffic now getting your links to the front page of reddit is pretty damn hard you wait  to have, some phenomenal content or you have to be really lucky!

The good thing is you don't have to get your links to the front page of reddit to still get a ton of free traffic because the front page of reddit is just one small part of the site and beyond that there are tons of other parts of the site, that are called subreddits and each of these subreddits is divided to just one topic or niche so for example there's a cooking sub reddit ,over at / r / cooking where you can submit links to just cooking related, stuff or if you're a bit of a car not, you can head over to the car subreddit over at / r / cause and you'll find nothing but car related links in fact there are any sign amount of subreddits and odds are there is a subreddit out there that's divided two nothing but your sites niche and the great thing.

About these subreddits is there much easier to get to the top off than it is to get to the front page of reddit but you can still get a ton of traffic for the mall of your traffic will be, extremely targeted because, only people that are really interested in your niche will be seeing it and with literally thousands of different subreddits out that there really is bound to be one that's about your ,niche so enough theory let's just see a real life example of this in action I didn't really want to have to reveal any of my niche, sites so what I've done is I set up a site just for the purpose of this video ihaven't used it for anything else i'm just using it to show you how easy it is to get traffic from reddit and this example website is a pro, camping website surprise surprise and you can check it out by heading over to place to camp . all so I literally all I've done is register the domain place to camp . or over at I've set up a hosting account over at hostgator ,find a product camping news story and to do this all I did was searched for place to camp news in Google then i just looked for a story that had a good headline and a lot of shares on the social networks and ,pretty quickly i stumbled across this storywhich was about which states in the u.s. might be a great place to camp..

Next as you can see this story has been shared thousands of times across the various social networks so it's obvious that this is a shareware the story that people are interested in then I just wrote my own version of this story using, it as a template I made sure to make the title of my articles something eye-catching an interesting so i settled on the 10 US states most of them have interest camping next then I just crapped on for a little bit about camping accidents, next then finally I added an eye-catching image at the top of my article and then it was done and you can see the finished article yourself by, heading better place to go camping .

 All so once my article was done it was time to share it with the reddit, community so to do this I just head over to the reddit website and then did a search for my niche to find the most relevant subreddit to submit my link to so i just searched for camping now once you do a, search at the top of the results you'll see all of the most relevant subreddits to whatever you search for now as you, can see there's actually quite a few different camping related subreddits on the site and this will be the case with quite a few different niches so what you need to do is just go through each of the different subreddits and try to figure out which one is most relevant to what you tryin to submit for example the first subreddit that turned up when I search for camping is one cold trays and it's a pretty playful subreddit where people sort of submit jokes starting remains and stuff like that it's mostly, just for a bit of light entertainment, however the second sub reddit ,is called camping and it's a bit more serious probably a much better place for me to submit, this kind of link so once you've found the perfect subreddit to submit your content to just log into your reddit, account and if you don't already have one you can do this by just clicking the register button however i do recommend before you submit any of your content that you ,comment on a few other submissions first and even leave your account to age for a few days or even a few weeks just so that it doesn't look like that the only reason that you signed up was to submit your content so the account that I used was actually a month or two old and I had already used it to comment, on a few other submissions then what i did was i just hit the submit a link button and then in the title section I did something descriptive and interesting now the title that you use is really important and you want to try to make it really post so that when people see it they can't help it click on it because if you have a  boring title then nobody's going to click on it to check out your content try to write the title that you would want to click yourself and if you're struggling to come up with a good title a good way to get a bit of inspiration is to just look at the titles of some of the other submissions that have performed well with this submission no i just used the same title, that I used on the post itself because it's already pretty good and catchy one trick that I found to work really well is to only tell half of the story in your title this way it will ignite people's curiosity and make them really want to click through to get the rest of the information and you can see that, this title that I've used on this submission it catches people's attention but it also leaves them wanting to know more information peace YEAH .

Tumblr Marketing

 Tumblr is one of the best social media 

Hi everyone this is Shade,  why nobody ever talks about tumblr but let me tell you tumblr is one of the best secrets in the SEO and with tumblr you can often get more traffic more backlinks more shares than on any other social site. 

calm and in this post I'm going to show you how you can easily grow and massive nutria lighted following on tumblr and then i'll show you how to take advantage of that following so that you can make more money so a lot of people still think of tumblr as just a place where you can go to get afraid blog which it is but it's also much more than that it's actually a whole social network just like Facebook just like Twitter just like Google+ and just like all those other sites you can follow other people and they can follow you back, simple
 then when you log into tumblr you see, the latest posts from all of the people that you're following ,you find people sharing everything on tumblr from  indie music - fashion to our to just about everything you can think, of but tumblr is a bit different from ,facebook in the sense that people don't really add their family and their mom and dad on there it's more anonymous and privacy ,often the people that use it only know the people that they're following ,through online and for this raisin tumblr has a bit more of a anything goes kind of culture so whilst on facebook people try to keep up this appearance of that perfect life on tumblr people can post about the Indus great drug habits their sex lives whatever the hell that one hello you're even allowed to post spawn on tumblr but for an internet marketing like, myself the thing that really makes tumblr stand out over other social networks is just how crazy viral everything goes things just seem to get shared more on tumblr than they do on any other social side so for example on facebook if you have a fan page with a thousand followers and you share something, out you might be lucky to get Henry shares whereas on tumblr with the exact same amount of followers you might, get a hundred ratios basically people just love to reshare stuff on tumblr or as they call it in the tumble world to reblog stuff.

 So how can we take advantage of this well?

Here's, my simple step guide to building a massive following on tumblr one head over to tumblr and set yourself up an account so this is pretty straightforward just created user name and a password and add a profile picture and all that kind of stuff that you would do on any other social network, so let's say that I have a site called "place to camp" and I want to set up a tumblr account ,to promote that site so i'm going to call mine place to camp so he's the tumblr that I've set up as an example then once you've done just leave your account online for 24 hours dark bother asking me why sometimes, it just does weird things when you start moving on to step two on day one so just just trust me leave it online for 24 hours step 2 now you want to log into your tumblr account and then you want to do a ,google search for tumblr tag your niche and obviously replace your niche with your keyword so for my cameras example I would just search for tumblr tag camping then what they should, do is bring up a page on tumblr that shows all of the posts that they made that have been tagged with that keyword.

So in my example i'm seeing a page on tumblr where I'm seeing all of the, latest tumblr posts that have been tagged with camping a tag is just like a hashtag so now what I want to do is just scroll down that page and find a post, that has a lot of likes and reshares now you, can see the amount of lights and ratios down the bottom, of each place, it'll say X amount of notes which means X amount of likes and ray shares so for example now I found this camping related post which has over a hundred like some ratioand what I'm going to do is just click on the notes link, so i can see everybody that has liked and ratio that post now these are ,the kind of people that I want to follow my blog because they'reobviously interested in camping they've already shown they're willing to like and ratio other 
candidates posts so they're likely to Rishi, anything that i posted out.

How do we get these people to follow my blog?

Easy you just follow, a shitload of them and a ton of them will follow you back so i just start going through the list and then following them one by one now what will, happen is a bunch of these paper will say hey this other camping, bloggers following me I think I'll follow them back now what, you want to do is spend a few minutes every day for 25 days following two hundred people until ,you've followed 5,000 people then you should have like a thousand niche related followers following, your blog and remember these are people that have all shared out stuff that is related to your content, so they're going to share your stuff like crazy too step 3 once you've followed 5,000 people and have, a ton of followers you can now start to grow that Tumblr account even further by just posting out lots of niche related ,images so in my case I would just post out lots of viral camping pictures that people will share like crazy, you can find these images on sites like Reddit or Pinterest or wherever so for example I could, head over to the camping section of Reddit and find this cool cameras meet and then just post it to, my tumblr blog furthermore what she can actually do is add a link below the image prompting people to follow your blog so i could just write something like love Canada's follow everyone loves cannabis, in terms of people will ratio that image and that link stays there so that when someone else really she, has that image it will still linked back to your blog when someone else clicks it now it is somewhat automate this number also has a scheduling feature so you can just upload ,a load of images at one time and then schedule them to go out a few times a day for the next month, or so and if you do this so that your posting at content every day you're pretty, soon find your followers numbers started to snowball to several thousand followers and remember these are all niche related followers and that's really all you've got to do to build up a, massive tumblr account he takes time but it's so worth it peace yeah.

How To Get Pinterest Followers

 How To Get Pinterest Followers (no hack no software)

Whats up guys  , you probably know by now pinterest is huge it's a social networking site where people share images and it has millions of users and in this video I'm going to show you how you can easily build up a massive nutria lighted following on pinterest and then how you can use that following to send traffic sales and backlinks to your sides so let's do this yeah so let's just cut straight to the chase and he's my stupidly simple three step guide to building up massive pinterest accounts step 1 set up your Pinterest account so nothing complicated to do here just said an account up for your side at a profile picture fill in all the details and just all the stuff that you would do when setting up any social networking account so here's an example pinterest that I set up for a niche place to camp.

example I would simply search for something like camping  alway next you want to click the finish button to, see a list of other pinterest accounts that are related to your niche so here I can see a whole bunch of camping related accounts and I can also see how many followers each account has so next what you want to do is just find niche related accounts that have a lot of followers so this camping, account right here has over 500 followers so it looked perfect and I'm just going to click on through to their profile page then from here you just want to click on the followers button to see a list of that accounts followers now because all of these people are following another camping-related account it's obvious that they like to camp so these people would be extremely likely to actually follow my account and also share my stuff and to get these people to follow your account all that you literally need to do is just follow them so just go through the list and start following them one by one then what will happen is many of these people will see that you have followed them and because your account is also in a niche that they're interested in which in my case is camping a ton of them will follow you back now you can follow up to 300 people at a time so just go through the list and follow 300 people and it won't be long before you start to get your first followers now if you just spend a few minutes doing this every day until you follow 10,000 or so people then by that stage you should have at least, one or two thousand real net related followers that are really interested in the stuff that you have to post and by this stage your page should actually just start to grow organically as people naturally find your Pinterest account step 3 pin lots of stuff so every time you add any piece of content to your site make sure that you have a nice big  image on that page then just pin that image and make, sure that you have a link to your page as well in your description and every time you submit a piece of content you've just got a backlink from a hugely authority side but that's really just the beginning  peace Yeah . 

Simple way Viral Marketing For Driving Traffic!

Simple way Marketing  For Driving Traffic!

Hi this is Shade ,I'm going to show you a simple way that you can use a borrow articles marketing to drive more traffic and sales to your blog and it doesn't involve spending days making the perfect ,viral article or video or anything like that help you don't even have to make your own video you don't have to write this incredible piece of content I know that might sound too good to be true .

So im going to show you how to do in this article, is to take advantage of content that's already proven to go viral so it's not going to be a magic we're not going to create content and then just wait for luck to go viral we're going to be using content that's already proven to be borrow and then posting that to our blog or website but for this to work you will need social profiles built up.
They don't have to have hundreds of thousands of followers you need at least a few thousand  real followers (active users) related to your niche.
how this can be done ?

 One is the viral news story all that you have to do is find a borrow news story thats related to your niche rewrite,simple and post to your  blog ,just wait litte bit it goes viral so to do this just go to and then do a search for your niche so if i have a dogs blog and I want to find dogs news stories I just search for dogs then you want to go through the stories and find one that has an eye-catching headline and a ton of shares ,then I posted it to my side and then i've posted out from my social accounts this includes my pinterest, account my twitter account my facebook account my google plus account and my tumblr account a lot probably about ,ten thousand followers or so now that might sound like a lot but if you've seen my other social marketing articles you know how easy it is to build up that many followers, then I just sit back checked a couple days later and sure enough it had over 400 shares on Facebook had over 100 up votes on, reddit and it had over 50 on google+ and as a result this story received several hundred visitors that day which is not bad for a story that only took me 15 minutes to make peace yea.

How To Get Facebook Followers!Easy and Fast

How To Get Facebook Followers! 

hey how are you this is Shade , i'm going to introduce to you a Web app  FPTraffic  what this particular app by luke does is ?

So this app  helps you build grow and monetize facebook pages and I just quickly go through it if you don't have a facebook page or if you're not familiar facebook and its potential for your business then you just really need to get on board because billions of people visit facebook .

What this particular service will do is it will help you do that in a huge way so build grow and monetize facebook   pages find schedule photos with one click use FPTraffic easily find schedule and poste content on your facebook pages and is all about content and if you've got rich content and you're going to get excellent harvest of targeted people looking for your products and services so here's some more numbers here about the facebook pages managed by FP traffic is literally got lab millions of them likes easily manage all your pages and posts add an unlimited amount of facebook pages and schedule an unlimited amount of posts to your FPTraffic  account for just ten Parliament which is so so cheap is ridiculous and that photo was posted by FP traffic numbers are viewed by thousands and thousands monetize your facebook pages using Amazon with this search and click FPTraffic  simply great.

I’m happy to have all of these awesome tools and guys for making my facebook page so big and profitable just try from this masterpiece and i am sure you will be satisfied with that tool I never recommend a product or service that I don't personally use .Peace Yeah