Thursday, November 17, 2016

Google Trends Great Marketing Rechearch Tool For you and your Business

Hi everybody i want to talk to you today about google trends  great marketing rechearch tool for you and your business.

Why you want to use google trends ?
Google trends help you to see what people search in internet all the time it also help you organizing your blog calendar or topics that you would like talk about ,its also a great way to see what interest of people that searching for in internet.
if you're trying to think of a new niche or service you can learn how dominant a topic or a query is and get an indication of what consumers want or need and what they're searching for if you're planning a social media calendar this is also great because you can look at how a topic has changed over time and get some insights that would inform you as you organize your marketing either through social media or through traditional media so using google trends gives you a deep way to drill down into topics that consumers are searching for to understand variations on those topics and then gives you graphic information to help you plan out a blog or advertising campaign or social media or marketing Good luck to everyone peace yeah.