Tuesday, November 8, 2016

How To Drive Traffic With Reddit!

How To Drive Traffic With Reddit!

Hey guys what's up I did a blog post about how damn easy it is to get traffic with reddit it well today I want to take that one step further and show you a real example of exactly how you can use ready to get traffic and i promise you're not, gonna wanna miss this .

Now before I get started let me quickly just explain a little bit about what reddit is and how reddit works for those that aren't as familiar basically reddit.com is a site where people sign up and submit links to all different kinds of stuff it could be a link to a picture of a cute cat which will find a lot of them are it could be a link to an awesome cover song on youtube or it could be a link to one of the pages ,on one of your sites basically you can submit links to just about anything then what happens is once somebody submits a link to something the other users can then see that link and then voted up if they like it or vote it down if they don't then the links that get voted up the most times get put on the front page of Reddit and these links gets in a staggering amount of visitors and I'm talking so much traffic that often the sites that get to the front page of reddit will actually go offline, because the server can't handle that amount of traffic now getting your links to the front page of reddit is pretty damn hard you wait  to have, some phenomenal content or you have to be really lucky!

The good thing is you don't have to get your links to the front page of reddit to still get a ton of free traffic because the front page of reddit is just one small part of the site and beyond that there are tons of other parts of the site, that are called subreddits and each of these subreddits is divided to just one topic or niche so for example there's a cooking sub reddit ,over at reddit.com / r / cooking where you can submit links to just cooking related, stuff or if you're a bit of a car not, you can head over to the car subreddit over at reddit.com / r / cause and you'll find nothing but car related links in fact there are any sign amount of subreddits and odds are there is a subreddit out there that's divided two nothing but your sites niche and the great thing.

About these subreddits is there much easier to get to the top off than it is to get to the front page of reddit but you can still get a ton of traffic for the mall of your traffic will be, extremely targeted because, only people that are really interested in your niche will be seeing it and with literally thousands of different subreddits out that there really is bound to be one that's about your ,niche so enough theory let's just see a real life example of this in action I didn't really want to have to reveal any of my niche, sites so what I've done is I set up a site just for the purpose of this video ihaven't used it for anything else i'm just using it to show you how easy it is to get traffic from reddit and this example website is a pro, camping website surprise surprise and you can check it out by heading over to place to camp . all so I literally all I've done is register the domain place to camp . or over at 8shape.com I've set up a hosting account over at hostgator ,find a product camping news story and to do this all I did was searched for place to camp news in Google then i just looked for a story that had a good headline and a lot of shares on the social networks and ,pretty quickly i stumbled across this storywhich was about which states in the u.s. might be a great place to camp..

Next as you can see this story has been shared thousands of times across the various social networks so it's obvious that this is a shareware the story that people are interested in then I just wrote my own version of this story using, it as a template I made sure to make the title of my articles something eye-catching an interesting so i settled on the 10 US states most of them have interest camping next then I just crapped on for a little bit about camping accidents, next then finally I added an eye-catching image at the top of my article and then it was done and you can see the finished article yourself by, heading better place to go camping .

 All so once my article was done it was time to share it with the reddit, community so to do this I just head over to the reddit website and then did a search for my niche to find the most relevant subreddit to submit my link to so i just searched for camping now once you do a, search at the top of the results you'll see all of the most relevant subreddits to whatever you search for now as you, can see there's actually quite a few different camping related subreddits on the site and this will be the case with quite a few different niches so what you need to do is just go through each of the different subreddits and try to figure out which one is most relevant to what you tryin to submit for example the first subreddit that turned up when I search for camping is one cold trays and it's a pretty playful subreddit where people sort of submit jokes starting remains and stuff like that it's mostly, just for a bit of light entertainment, however the second sub reddit ,is called camping and it's a bit more serious probably a much better place for me to submit, this kind of link so once you've found the perfect subreddit to submit your content to just log into your reddit, account and if you don't already have one you can do this by just clicking the register button however i do recommend before you submit any of your content that you ,comment on a few other submissions first and even leave your account to age for a few days or even a few weeks just so that it doesn't look like that the only reason that you signed up was to submit your content so the account that I used was actually a month or two old and I had already used it to comment, on a few other submissions then what i did was i just hit the submit a link button and then in the title section I did something descriptive and interesting now the title that you use is really important and you want to try to make it really post so that when people see it they can't help it click on it because if you have a  boring title then nobody's going to click on it to check out your content try to write the title that you would want to click yourself and if you're struggling to come up with a good title a good way to get a bit of inspiration is to just look at the titles of some of the other submissions that have performed well with this submission no i just used the same title, that I used on the post itself because it's already pretty good and catchy one trick that I found to work really well is to only tell half of the story in your title this way it will ignite people's curiosity and make them really want to click through to get the rest of the information and you can see that, this title that I've used on this submission it catches people's attention but it also leaves them wanting to know more information peace YEAH .