Tuesday, November 8, 2016

How To Find Niche using AdWords tool

How To Find Niche using  AdWords tool

Hi this is Shade ,and now I've been building simple but ridiculously profitable affiliate websites that might be tons of money and one of the questions that I constantly get from  newbie and more experienced affiliate marketers, is what's the best way to find a killer niche and a  lot of competition  extremely profitable ?

What we want to do is find a niche that matches ,the important thing is that you want your niche  to actually be getting search for in the search engines because if nobody is actually typing your niche into google then no matter how good you are at getting decide to runyou still want to get any traffic because nobody's even looking for your niche so to make sure that people are in fact searching for your niche in the search engines you want to use what is called a the google keyword planner and it's completely free to use  to access the tool first just had our that to google.com / AdWords then create a free account if you haven't already got one
and then click on the keyword planner link then once you're in the keyword planet you can just type in whatever you need to idea is and hit the get ideas button and it will roughly how many ,times that word or phrase get searched for in Google h month plus it will also show you a bunch of other related terms as well as how many times they get searched - so he is one of my sites that i set up the targets, the keyword camping, currently ranks in the top spots of google far whole bunch of camping, related keywords including camping tricks learn how to camp, books ,and more and all of these rankings result in thousands of visitors every day to the site which, means that x of people click on my affiliate links which makes and I'm making tons of commissions around the clock from this simple site but before I set up that site  i google, camping in the google keyword planner tools to make sure that it was in fact getting searches so I just talked to camping into the keyword tool I he get ideas and then I saw that about eight thousand one hundred people each month search for camping in Google.

I also look at the related keywords to say what other camping related keywords people was searching for and it's no coincidence that i have a page about each of these keywords on my side so exactly how many searches do you want your niche to get h months well there's really no exact number to go for but I know people love exact numbers so that they can follow this stuff to the day and I get it so what else I is look for a nitch that has no less than one thousand searches a month and no more than fifty thousand searches a month and if this is your first side then i recommend trying to stick the life fifteen thousand searches a month , because generally the less searches and each get the less competition they'll be in google and the easier it will be to rank for that term which brings me to the second criteria that you should be looking for in your niche and that is an itch that doesn't have a lot of competition in the search engines so one of the things that I say I lot of newbies making he's picking ridiculously competitive niches and he'll I even make this mistake when i first started out to and trust me, I know to do you see all of these ads all over the web for polka and 4x and white loss and you think well shit that must be where the money's at but trust me it is why why why easier to pick low competition niches and make money from the low-hanging fruit and by this i may choosing random and obscure niches that most people would never think of and they had hardly any competition in the search engines so that you have a really easy time ranking for those niches so basically you want to think really use your brain , i will make my youtube channel and i will explain everything ,peace yeah.