Tuesday, November 8, 2016

How To Get Pinterest Followers

 How To Get Pinterest Followers (no hack no software)

Whats up guys  , you probably know by now pinterest is huge it's a social networking site where people share images and it has millions of users and in this video I'm going to show you how you can easily build up a massive nutria lighted following on pinterest and then how you can use that following to send traffic sales and backlinks to your sides so let's do this yeah so let's just cut straight to the chase and he's my stupidly simple three step guide to building up massive pinterest accounts step 1 set up your Pinterest account so nothing complicated to do here just said an account up for your side at a profile picture fill in all the details and just all the stuff that you would do when setting up any social networking account so here's an example pinterest that I set up for a niche place to camp.

example I would simply search for something like camping  alway next you want to click the finish button to, see a list of other pinterest accounts that are related to your niche so here I can see a whole bunch of camping related accounts and I can also see how many followers each account has so next what you want to do is just find niche related accounts that have a lot of followers so this camping, account right here has over 500 followers so it looked perfect and I'm just going to click on through to their profile page then from here you just want to click on the followers button to see a list of that accounts followers now because all of these people are following another camping-related account it's obvious that they like to camp so these people would be extremely likely to actually follow my account and also share my stuff and to get these people to follow your account all that you literally need to do is just follow them so just go through the list and start following them one by one then what will happen is many of these people will see that you have followed them and because your account is also in a niche that they're interested in which in my case is camping a ton of them will follow you back now you can follow up to 300 people at a time so just go through the list and follow 300 people and it won't be long before you start to get your first followers now if you just spend a few minutes doing this every day until you follow 10,000 or so people then by that stage you should have at least, one or two thousand real net related followers that are really interested in the stuff that you have to post and by this stage your page should actually just start to grow organically as people naturally find your Pinterest account step 3 pin lots of stuff so every time you add any piece of content to your site make sure that you have a nice big  image on that page then just pin that image and make, sure that you have a link to your page as well in your description and every time you submit a piece of content you've just got a backlink from a hugely authority side but that's really just the beginning  peace Yeah .