Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Tumblr Marketing

 Tumblr is one of the best social media 

Hi everyone this is Shade,  why nobody ever talks about tumblr but let me tell you tumblr is one of the best secrets in the SEO and with tumblr you can often get more traffic more backlinks more shares than on any other social site. 

calm and in this post I'm going to show you how you can easily grow and massive nutria lighted following on tumblr and then i'll show you how to take advantage of that following so that you can make more money so a lot of people still think of tumblr as just a place where you can go to get afraid blog which it is but it's also much more than that it's actually a whole social network just like Facebook just like Twitter just like Google+ and just like all those other sites you can follow other people and they can follow you back, simple
 then when you log into tumblr you see, the latest posts from all of the people that you're following ,you find people sharing everything on tumblr from  indie music - fashion to our to just about everything you can think, of but tumblr is a bit different from ,facebook in the sense that people don't really add their family and their mom and dad on there it's more anonymous and privacy ,often the people that use it only know the people that they're following ,through online and for this raisin tumblr has a bit more of a anything goes kind of culture so whilst on facebook people try to keep up this appearance of that perfect life on tumblr people can post about the Indus great drug habits their sex lives whatever the hell that one hello you're even allowed to post spawn on tumblr but for an internet marketing like, myself the thing that really makes tumblr stand out over other social networks is just how crazy viral everything goes things just seem to get shared more on tumblr than they do on any other social side so for example on facebook if you have a fan page with a thousand followers and you share something, out you might be lucky to get Henry shares whereas on tumblr with the exact same amount of followers you might, get a hundred ratios basically people just love to reshare stuff on tumblr or as they call it in the tumble world to reblog stuff.

 So how can we take advantage of this well?

Here's, my simple step guide to building a massive following on tumblr one head over to tumblr and set yourself up an account so this is pretty straightforward just created user name and a password and add a profile picture and all that kind of stuff that you would do on any other social network, so let's say that I have a site called "place to camp" and I want to set up a tumblr account ,to promote that site so i'm going to call mine place to camp so he's the tumblr that I've set up as an example then once you've done just leave your account online for 24 hours dark bother asking me why sometimes, it just does weird things when you start moving on to step two on day one so just just trust me leave it online for 24 hours step 2 now you want to log into your tumblr account and then you want to do a ,google search for tumblr tag your niche and obviously replace your niche with your keyword so for my cameras example I would just search for tumblr tag camping then what they should, do is bring up a page on tumblr that shows all of the posts that they made that have been tagged with that keyword.

So in my example i'm seeing a page on tumblr where I'm seeing all of the, latest tumblr posts that have been tagged with camping a tag is just like a hashtag so now what I want to do is just scroll down that page and find a post, that has a lot of likes and reshares now you, can see the amount of lights and ratios down the bottom, of each place, it'll say X amount of notes which means X amount of likes and ray shares so for example now I found this camping related post which has over a hundred like some ratioand what I'm going to do is just click on the notes link, so i can see everybody that has liked and ratio that post now these are ,the kind of people that I want to follow my blog because they'reobviously interested in camping they've already shown they're willing to like and ratio other 
candidates posts so they're likely to Rishi, anything that i posted out.

How do we get these people to follow my blog?

Easy you just follow, a shitload of them and a ton of them will follow you back so i just start going through the list and then following them one by one now what will, happen is a bunch of these paper will say hey this other camping, bloggers following me I think I'll follow them back now what, you want to do is spend a few minutes every day for 25 days following two hundred people until ,you've followed 5,000 people then you should have like a thousand niche related followers following, your blog and remember these are people that have all shared out stuff that is related to your content, so they're going to share your stuff like crazy too step 3 once you've followed 5,000 people and have, a ton of followers you can now start to grow that Tumblr account even further by just posting out lots of niche related ,images so in my case I would just post out lots of viral camping pictures that people will share like crazy, you can find these images on sites like Reddit or Pinterest or wherever so for example I could, head over to the camping section of Reddit and find this cool cameras meet and then just post it to, my tumblr blog furthermore what she can actually do is add a link below the image prompting people to follow your blog so i could just write something like love Canada's follow everyone loves cannabis, in terms of people will ratio that image and that link stays there so that when someone else really she, has that image it will still linked back to your blog when someone else clicks it now it is somewhat automate this number also has a scheduling feature so you can just upload ,a load of images at one time and then schedule them to go out a few times a day for the next month, or so and if you do this so that your posting at content every day you're pretty, soon find your followers numbers started to snowball to several thousand followers and remember these are all niche related followers and that's really all you've got to do to build up a, massive tumblr account he takes time but it's so worth it peace yeah.