Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Understand Affiliate Marketing Online For Newbies

How affiliate marketing getting works?
How to get started?

today im going to explain to you what i learn from internet and show you how it works

the whole concept of AF marketing is simple
sell other peoples shit in exchange for a commission
you will do it online so you dont have to do face to face
you dont need to ship
you dont need to do any of anoying stuff

also its a really cool about AF marketing you dont need to have your own product and no need of complicated tasks

to get started is to join an affiliate programe its free
and Thousand of others

just look for a link become an affiliate 
in the botom of the page and sign up

you can just login and search of any poduct you want
then get your affiliate link
that you can promote anywhere you want
so when everytime somebody click on it and buy you get a small commission thats it

if you have a massive facebook page about gaming laptop
you can promote your product who is your niche and share to all your followers 

there is a tone of method to promote your link but the important thing is to have some traffic 
i hope you guys understand how to make money online and what is AF marketing good luck to everyone


Sunday, December 4, 2016

Important Seo Tips That You Should Do on Blogger

Hello guys 
So today i want to talk about some important thing that you have to do if you just start a blog this is necessary for Seo, let's watch.
This online sitemap generator will create an XML sitemap for your blogger blog that you can submit to Google and Bing Webmaster Tools